Freshness guaranteed in our whole product line comprising Rice, Maize and Non-basmati Rice.

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Freshness guaranteed in our whole product line comprising Rice, Maize and Non-basmati Rice.
About Us

The food industry has become one of the most important contributors to the economy, and as a result, competition among many companies has increased massively. We, Agrofield Export recently joined the food market in the year of 2020 in attempt to be one of the most competitive companies. We have been offering a nutritious & flavorful range of food items as a supplier, trader, producer and wholesaler, ranging from Maize, Non-basmati Rice and Paddy (Common) as well as many others. All of our delectable food items are sourced from the finest suppliers and intensively tested to ensure that they exceed the utmost quality specifications. In addition, the excellent quality and a reasonable price segment are the factors that make our goods famous with many consumers.

Customer Satisfaction

Maintaining customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of our list of objectives. Our measures to ensure the satisfaction of customers begins as soon as their order is placed and continue until it is completed efficiently. Moreover, the following are some of the important factors that can accurately represent our customer satisfaction strategies:

  • We recognize the specific needs of customers and strive to accommodate them with the best of our products.
  • We behave completely ethically when we serve the customers in our business.
  • We make certain that the products we sell to the customers comply with highest quality standards.
  • We put a strong emphasis on completing the orders placed by customers in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Confirmed Quality

It is important to underline the quality of the products for any individual business which is dealing with food products, as it is noticed in the first place by the customers prior to their engagement. In the similar manner, it has always been our primary responsibility to ensure that the food items we deliver to the consumers are of the highest possible standard. We have designated a highly trained team of professionals to ensure that all our products, such as Rice, Maize and others, conform to the highest quality requirements. All in all, the aforementioned factors allows us to ensure the highest quality in our entire product line and offer them freshly to the customers.
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